Legal Aid

FDFA is a D.C.-based charitable organization that upholds the cause of free speech and the First Amendment even when it is highly controversial and politically charged. In this age of powerful political pressure to suppress provocative opinions, Americans should come together to support the right to speak out and to speak freely. Help FDFA in its noble effort to secure the right for which our founding fathers fought and died to preserve.

One of the main functions of FDFA is to help Americans with legal assistance for First Amendment issues. Americans’ constitutional right to free thought and unregulated speech is — though under attack on numerous fronts — alive today. But it is in trouble.

Americans are right now being jailed for speaking openly about a wide range of controversial subjects. Some people have even been arrested and sent to foreign countries to stand trial for talking about things that are not even crimes in the United States.

Without robust debate of the most controversial issues, the protection afforded all Americans would be lost. Remember: You don’t have to agree with what others believe. You just have to stand up for their right to say it. And you will find that fellow Americans will stand up for your rights in your time of need as well.

Help FDFA defend the Constitution. FDFA supports and publicizes groups and individuals who are boldly standing up for the First Amendment in America today. They need our help. America needs you now more than ever.